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Finding a good private

Finding a good private in Prague requires, as mentioned, some preparations and research. This will increase the probablity of a safe and pleasurable experience.

Privates and their approximate locations (true locations revealed while calling) can be found on or in the local paper's sex ads. Stay away from ads with very low price or professional photos where the girls are showing the face. You will most likely get disappointed. You can almost for certain see if a girl is attractice by looking at her body, posture and hair style. Also be sure that the ad is up-to-date. A few months old tops.

Other important information is from International Sex Guide's Prague section, and your own personal experience and intuition. The private scene is fast changing and girls are also moving around and/or working for several establishments.

When a private of one's choice has been found, call the place at least one hour before arrival. Most often one of the girls will answer. Occasionally (but not very often) you will get rude answers, and they hang up. Just happens. Then another place is called. The language problem may be an obstacle, but when you find a girl with sufficent english it may get really interesting.

Quality management when selecting a private:

  1. An establishment having an ad at (under privates).
  2. The ad is no more than a few months old.
  3. The pictures indicate that the girls are attractive, but they are not actually of studio quality, or revealing the face of the girl.
  4. Try to get an idea of the standard of the facilities and the ambience from the pictures.
  5. Avoid ads with 18 y.o. girls. They often give flimsy impression when calling. Aim for 23+.
  6. The establishment have at least one good review on ISG.
  7. When you call, first introduce yourself and state your intention.
  8. When you call the place you should be met with decent behaviour and good information.
  9. Always ask for price/time and extras. 
  10. Ask for adress, floor and name on door bell (announce your arrival time so the girls have time to make up and put some lingerie on...)
  11. The girl/girls of choice should speak enough english to make themselves understood (the rest is left to body language ;-)).  
Many of the privates are open until late evening. The best time to visit a private is probably on a weekday before lunch, or poosibly on the early afternoon. The clients have not started coming yet, the girls are not so tired, and are more anticipating. 

    Brothels and sex clubs of Prague

    Here is a list of some of the more known clubs in Prague:

    K5 Relax - a little more exclusice club in the higher price range. The facilities includes sauna and it reminds a little of the famous german FKK-clubs. Recommended.

    Sweet Paradise - two small sister clubs in two different locations. The line-up is girls in their younger 20s mostly. Friendly, helpful and reliable staff. Happy hour during daytime, and possibility to have the girls as escorts at an additional cost. Recommended.

    Show Park - has been described as a Red Light District indoors. Fair prices and attractive girls. A place for quickies. Recommended.

    Big Sister - have sex for free. The only catch is that you are filmed and streamed on-line to paying customers while having sex. Big Sister retains the right to the filmed material indefinately. Long queing times have been reported. Not recommended.

    AAA-club - a little club located north of the river was once regarded one of the best. Now it has mixed reviews. Not so many attractive ladies according to what I have read. Not recommended.

    Neon club - a lower end place at Balbinova street. Poor ventilation, like a dungeon and hot as hell. Staff not friendly. Has had a case of Hepatitis B, and was closed for some time by authorities. Not recommended.

    Note: reviews reflect time of writing only!

    International Sex Guide - Prague forum

    The sex scene in Prague

    The sex scene in Prague is very vast and versatile. Most sex clubs and brothels are located in the Prague 2 district. Prices are very good, with one hour of perfect sex with a stunning girl starting at around 1500 Kc (in a private apartment brothel), or about 60 Euros.

    The sex clubs are somewhat more expensive, as are the escort agencies. If you are planning to hire an escort, then go with reputable firms. One of the best ways to have an escort to your flat/hotel can actually be by choosing a girl from one of the clubs or privates, as they in many cases offer escort service as well. The cost is very reasonable, and this is a good way to avoid the "bait-and-switch" rip-offs (one girl on picture, another girl arrives to you). Instead you have "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" at a fair price.

    Prices are as usual also dependent on if you and the girl agree on some "extras" (i.e. anal sex, cum in mouth and so on). Extras (if the girls agrees to perform them) are about 500-1000 Kc, or 20 to 40 Euros.  

    Aside from the sex clubs and brothels, the hall mark of Prague is it's "privates". These are small apartment brothels, with just a few girls working in them. Here are the best deals in my opinion, but the key is to be very selective, and do some detective work before doing business.

    Here the chances of a "girl-friend-experience" are probably far better than in the clubs in my opinion. Especially if you visit the same girl more than once during the trip. In some cases you can even take her out for a night on town, and get to know her, before getting intimate. The environment is also very relaxed. More advice on finding the right private is found in the post "Finding a good private".

    Knowing all of this make Prague an excellent city for sexual adventures... Good websites to be up-to-date with:
    International Sex Guide (Prague section)

    Staying out of trouble and avoiding rip-offs

    Prague can generally be considered a safe and modern city. But crime and corruption is still wide spread in some places. If you aim at exploring the nightlife and the erotic life of the city, you just have to be a bit more careful.

    Pickpockets are very skillful, and they mostly gather in the central tourist area (crowded areas) and on trams and subways. Street prostitution should be avoided for several reasons. Also avoid strip clubs and casinos which are not reviewed and well known. Definetely do not buy lady drinks at any club! They may be grossly over-priced, and this problem is pan-european.

    One other thing to avoid is less reputable taxi companies. Try to order a cab by phone, and ask the operator for the price. Avoid stopping a cab on the street. I recommend AAA-taxi, the biggest taxi company in the city. Drivers sometimes want to drive you to a club they recommend. Do not fall for that, they got commission from the club. If you visit restaurants, read reviews first or go to Mc Donalds ;-)

    If you are alone late at night, travel by taxi, don't get too drunk, and stay away from at least heavy drugs!

    Least but not last: read reviews of the places you intend to visit, and follow the advice on this blog. Then it is very likely you will have a good time.

    Wear a condome!

    Getting from the airport Ruzyne to Prague

    Do not buy anything from within the security control at the airport. It is super expensive. The cheapest way to get from the airport to city center is to take bus number 100 from the airport to ZLIČÍN metro station (change to underground line B) – journey time 15 min. City center is at Mustek station. Tickets are bought at the airport. If you have much luggage I suggest you find another mode of transportation. If you continue to travel by Metro/subway in Prague, we recommend purchasing a day pass, which is quite affordable.

    Prague - a beautiful city in a liberal country

    The Czech republic is a liberal country. Owning guns for self-protection is legal, as is possession and use of small amounts of drugs. The country is practicing harm reduction, which is a modern and approach based on research. Prostitution is decriminalised and unregulated, although there are plans to legalize and regulate the profession. Today brothels and sex clubs are tolerated as long as the do not disturb the public order. Street prostitution is not tolerated within city limits.

    Prague city, home of 1.3 million people (metropolitan area 2.3 million), is a beautiful city with a fascinating history, a rich culture, and an aestethically pleasing architecture. Not to mention the world's best beer, which is almost free...

    I especially recommend a night stroll from Prag castle down Mala Strana ("little side"), west of the Voltava river. Prague has a modern subway system with three lines A/B/C, the Metro. The city also has trams for public transport.

    For more information about Prague:

    The Capital City of Prague Tourism Portal
    Prague (Wikipedia)
    Czech Republic (Wikipedia)
    Public transportation

    If you reside within the European Union, your mobile phone will most likely work as soon as you land in Prague. If you want to surf the web on the phone, be careful, it can cost a fortune if you are using the service provider from your home country. In that is the case you may be better off buying a local prepaid card. The country code for the Czech Republic is +42 (or 0042).

    My own exeriences and reviews of Prague